'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Ultra Pack 1 Brings Over 200 Buffs & Nerfs; Patch Notes Revealed Ahed of Release

Vegeta's challenge to be the strongest has pushed his Saiyan powers to new limits! Arriving soon to DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 is Vegeta SSGSS Evolved!
Thanks to "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" fans who tirelessly uncovered and translated the upcoming patch notes, players now know the massive buffs and nerfs coming with the release of Ultra Pack 1. (Photo: Bandai Namco US/Twitter)

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" is scheduled to receive the highly-awaited downloadable content on July 11. Bandai Namco Entertainment was a bit vague when it comes to the full details of the Ultra Pack 1. However, the official Japanese website of the game shares about battle balance adjustment that was made on July 9, which many fans assumed to be the patch notes of the DLC 9 of the game.

A few days ago, several fans and players of "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" were posting their requests and expectations on the upcoming Ultra Pack 1 DLC of the popular fighting title. On the Reddit channel of the game, Reddit user RDF2050 along with Reddit user vamplosion shared the English translation of what seems to be the patch notes of the DLC 9 or the Ultra Pack 1. The patch notes are a lengthy list of nerfs and buffs which is approximately 200 in total.

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" Ultra Pack 1 according to the translated image from the game's official website will buff many skills in the game. This includes increased damage for Kamehameha, Bending Kamehameha, Kaioken Kamehameha, Super Dragon Fist, Tyrant launcher, Ki Explosion, 10x Kamehameha, Shockwave, and Boost Kamehameha. Masenko, Ki Blast Cannon, Super Destructo Disc, Galick Gun, Flash Strike, and Death Slash were also buffed.

The Ultra Pack 1 content of "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" also made some adjustments to Ultra Instinct Goku. This includes increased stamina consumption by 100 when dodging an attack and Super Soul now activates at below 50 percent health. The stamina regeneration is now the same as the other cast characters. Moreover, the amount of damage taken by the character is now the same as other characters, and after evading an attack, players can now counter it with a normal attack.

There are also several adjustments made on the cast characters. All characters are adjusted and now are much stronger than before except during Quests or on Training, Free Battle, Local battle, and Network battles. The Bomb Ki Blast has also received several changes, including increased damage.

The skill can now charge up to 3 times; damage, hit direction, and timing are now dependent on charge time. The skill, regardless of the hit state, will now be one hit. Moreover, the Ultra Pack 1 of "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" also decreased the time of the Bomb Ki Blast between the extra input and explosion.

There are a lot more of skills buffs and nerfs listed on the official Japanese website of "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2." We will see more of it starting July 11 when the Ultra Pack 1 finally rolls out.

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