NBA: Finals-Toronto Raptors at Golden State Warriors
NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard just wants to play basketball but it seems fans are not happy with his recent decision since some of them banned him from entering their stores. (Photo: Reuters Marketplace - USA Today Pictures, Reuters News Picture Service - RNPS)

Kawhi Leonard and his decision to be with the Los Angeles Clippers is one of the biggest shockers during the recent NBA free agency. Many fans were expecting that the NBA Finals MVP will sign a deal with the LA Lakers or remain with the Toronto Raptors. But, with Leonard's most recent decision, it seems that some fans are not happy about it and took their protest on the star's decision on their businesses.

Banned in Canada

There is no doubt that Kawhi Leonard was one of the powerful forces that drove the Toronto Raptors to the championship and brought home their first-ever NBA title. That is why many Raptors fans were broken-hearted when the NBA Finals MVP made his decision to move to LA Clippers. Last NBA season, Leonard was warmly welcomed by Raptors fans when he joined the team. In fact, there were several stores in Canada which offered him free services.

One of these is the adult club called Zanzibar Tavern. Last year the adult club offered him free services and even advertised its offer on its signage for the entire world to see. However, now that Kawhi Leonard left Toronto Raptors, the adult club is singing a different tune. And, it seems that the free services for him are no longer on the table.

Not Allowed in All Locations of A Coffee Chain

It appears that not only Toronto Raptors fans are broken-hearted on Kawhi Leonard's most recent decision. Some folks in Los Angeles are turning on the NBA star after his decision to join the Clippers over the Lakers went public last weekend. The Instagram account of the LA coffee chain Alfred Coffee put out a notice of a ban not only for Kawhi Leonard but also for his new teammate Paul George. The blacklisting is applicable to all Alfred Coffee locations.

However, on their official Instagram account, Alfred Coffee already took down the post. It also shared a new post claiming that the post was just a light-hearted and competitive poke. Further, it apologized, especially to sports fans, if it has offended anyone, which was really never their intention. The post even said that no one has been and will ever be turned away from their stores.

The posts about Kawhi Leonard getting banned from stores are more of fun posts. It is more like an Internet meme but only on physical or brick and mortar stores. All of these simply prove how well-loved and admired the NBA star is that everybody wants him to play on their favorite team.