After The Bachelorette 2019 Hometown Week, fans of the show were even more intrigued by Hannah's admission that she had sex with someone in the windmill. What's even more shocking is that Luke P. is an actual good guy and that everyone back at home loves him.

During Hannah's visit to Luke P.'s hometown, she caught a glimpse to another side of this season's self-proclaimed villain and how his family viewed him. While early teasers for the episode hinted that Luke's family were as averse to him as viewers of the show, it turned out that his family and friends only spoke of glowing words about him and his faith, reported ET.

Luke's family also welcomed Hannah warmly into their community, which was a plus for The Bachelorette contestant. It was also a great way to show a different side to Luke P. who has been described by fellow contenders as a villain and a psychopath because of his tendencies to alienate the other guys to woo Hannah.

Luke's hometown date mainly showed his faith played an important role in his life. He spoke at Sunday school and shared his experiences with parties and alcohol when he was in college and said that this paved the way for him to realize that the negatives in life are God's way to lead his people to the positive. He used the opportunity to tell Hannah that he sees her as God's blessing.

Luke also shared his struggles in fitting in with the other guys on The Bachelorette and said that most of the time, he felt like he was walking on eggshells. Among his family and friends, it seemed like everyone didn't have one bad thing to say about Luke as they told Hannah that Luke fell for her within the first week of the meeting.

Luke and Hannah also took the time to open up about how they felt about each other. Luke admitted that he was in love with Hannah and The Bachelorette, despite their previous confrontation about the windmill incident, acknowledged that she too, was developing feelings for him.

"I just want to tell you that I'm sorry. We are finally back on track, but I know there still may be concerns that you have. Without a doubt, I see a future with you. Without a doubt, I can tell you that I do love you," Luke confesses.

At the end of the episode, none of the finalists were eliminated which ups the ante leading up to the show's controversial finale where it has been rumored that Hannah will choose Jed and later dump him because of his girlfriend issues.