The Loudest Voice
"The Loudest Voice" season 1 episode 3 will air on Sunday, July 14, on Showtime. (Photo: The Loudest Voice on Showtime/Twitter)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Loudest Voice season 1 episode 3. Read at your own risk.

The Loudest Voice season 1 episode 3 is arriving later this week, and this is the chance to once again see the election with Barack Hussein Obama and the major turning point in Fox News. Here's what to expect in the upcoming episode, titled "2008."

According to the synopsis of The Loudest Voice season 1 episode 3, Fox News Channel and Ailes have found their ultimate enemy because of the election with Obama in 2008. Thus, this will drive the coverage of Fox and its cemented ratings. Also, no one is suspecting about the hidden depths of Ailes' secret world.

While Fox has been considered as a powerful network before Obama was elected as President of the United States, the election in 2008 was that moment where it changes everything. In this series, Showtime is likely making a point wherein there's a common target, so Fox will work on its coverage to make it appealing to their target demographic.

Perhaps, one of the major challenges of The Loudest Voice is that it's trying to narrate a story that everyone already knows. The show might be a little bit nostalgic to some, or others might be curious as to why the series focuses on the events that already happened in the past.

What's different about The Loudest Voice is that even though Roger Ailes is already dead, his network (Fox) is still one of the dominating media companies to date, especially in terms of headlines and influences. However, the show has reportedly been considered controversial, and it isn't generating huge numbers when it comes to ratings.

It was reported that the first episode of The Loudest Voice only brought less than 300,000 live viewers, thanks to top-tier casting that gets the attention of some. Some speculated the reason why it has a low rating is that there aren't many people out there interested in the storyline of the series.

Moreover, Fox News viewers aren't probably inclined to watch the show as it focuses on the controversial founder. The series is based on the best-selling book of the same name written by Gabriel Sherman; it follows the life of Roger Ailes as it continues to become the source of interest because of the effect he had on the media world.

The Loudest Voice season 1 episode 3 will air on Sunday, July 14, on Showtime.