It seems that MOMOLAND's concert to Mexico was not an entirely traumatizing affair as they got to meet up with international artist Lauv while they were preparing for their performance.

According to a report by Soompi, members of MOMOLAND were able to meet up with the American singer and songwriter during their trip because he also happened to be in Mexico at the time. In her Instagram post, Ahin shared her excitement because she happened to be a big fan.

"I seriously cried so much. Told him how big of a fan I was. This is unbelievable. This is a dream come true," MOMOLAND's Ahin said.

Apart from his encounter with MOMOLAND, Lauv is known for his major hits such as I Like Me Better and is also an admirer of Kpop artists. In February, he followed WINNER's Seung Yoon on Twitter. He also publicly stated that he Lauvs BTS, whom he subsequently met just this June.

Fans were happy to know that MOMOLAND members were able to have good encounters in Mexico after it was reported that a man was arrested by police after he was caught masturbating at the MOMOLAND concert. The organizers of the event, Academia Ninshi assured fans that the perpetrator was caught during the event.

The issue of the masturbation was revealed by a fan on Twitter, and it quickly grew viral among Merrys, the official fandom of MOMOLAND. Fans were even more inflamed when they found out that the members were subjected to sexual slurs and rude comments by some male attendees of the VIP meet and greet event that was part of the Mexico concert. The fan reported that the rude men even spilled beer on the floor and continued to yell obscene statements at the girls.

For its part, MLD Entertainment has announced that they will be taking inventory of malicious comments online and will hold these netizens accountable for defamation and online bullying of the members.

According to the agency, they are working with Korean law firm Wonjin as well as fans in weeding out these malicious commenters who are spreading false information to cause damage to MOMOLAND members' reputations, BT reported.

The agency assured that they would work hard to take good care of their artists to protect them from untoward incidents and harassment in the future.  Merrys welcomed the move and cheered up the members with encouraging words of support.