Ben Affleck’s Divorce With Jennifer Garner Purportedly Left Him Broke
The rumors of Ben Affleck begging for money after divorce with Jennifer Garner are false. (Photo: Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner/Facebook)

Despite the circulating foul rumors about the couple's historic divorce, Ben Affleck has not become dirt poor nor has he settled with begging for money from his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Affleck and Garner's divorce began being processed in October 2018. However, the whole matter is yet to be finalized.

Apparently, the couple did not opt to go down the road of agreeing with prenuptial terms and having official paper drawn up for them to sign. So there is no predetermined settlement written in stone when their marriage took a wrong turn.

This has urged Garner to gather her own legal team and create a deal that will supposedly leave Affleck penniless. The actor has reportedly already had to sell a lot of stock shares he owns and some real estate lands in his pocket, just to pay his ex-wife.

According to some phony sources, Affleck has even tried to reach out to Garner and tried to rekindle their relationship in order to escape the big fee he is demanded to pay for the divorce. The source also added that, ever since Garner placed the outrageous deal on the table, Affleck has been in a scramble to get himself together and get the amount to her.

That drove him to try and change tactics and settle to try to win Garner's heart back and straighten out their marriage. He has not come to terms yet with how Garner's deal is going to leave him just flat out broke and with nothing for himself.

Another questionable source chimed in and reported that the two were supposedly seen outside of a church in Los Angeles recently. They were visibly exasperated and were in a heated argument that was said to be a fight over some finances.

The source also claims that Garner has had enough of Affleck trying to milk money from her for the petty and smallest things like his own cup of coffee, church contributions, and even his car's parking fee wherever he goes.

The same unreliable source has also stated that Affleck seldom has cash on him when he goes out and that when he does, he burns through it really quickly with his reckless spending. The source also added that the reason Garner was unwilling to hand cash to her ex-husband was because she was concerned he would go back to his vices and relapse into his alcohol addiction.

However, all of these fabricated rumors are false and have no grounds or evidence. Affleck is not nor will he ever be begging on Garner's doorstep for some cash to sustain his lifestyle as he has an estimated net worth of $130 million.

More credible sources have reached out to Affleck's publicist and spokesperson for confirmation, and they have attested to the fact that Affleck is not having any problems in the money department nor is he begging for cash from his ex-wife.