Rear view of a boy crying.
Rear view of a boy crying. (Photo: Pixabay/ Pexels)

Have you ever experienced being so down and blue that you just felt your tears rolling down your cheeks? Everyone has surely been in that worst situation where they were left with no choice but to cry. It may feel worse that you may not want to experience that all over again, but science claims crying can be a good thing.

According to the researchers, as posted on an online health blog Health Line, though crying is often a fruit of negative emotions such as bitterness and loneliness, letting go of your tears can be beneficial to your health. Here are some of the reasons why it is good for your body.


There are three different types of tears, and every kind has a specific way to detoxify the body. These three types include reflex tears, basal tears, and emotional tears. Among all these types, the one that shows the most benefits is the emotional tears.

Emotional tears are the tears that are triggered by strong feelings such as happiness and loneliness, which is one of the factors that makes a person unique. Studies show that through the secretion of these type of tears, the body can release protein-based hormones such as the neurotransmitter leucine encephalin. This hormone is also known as a natural painkiller that helps the body calm down, especially when stressed.


The effects may not be immediate, but crying can help the body produce a hormone that can boost our emotions. These hormones include oxytocin and endogenous opioids, which is also known as endorphins. Though you might be crying because of a painful experience, these chemicals will eventually help you feel better and overcome the pain.


At the peak of your emotions, it is hard for the body to get back to its emotional equilibrium. According to the researchers at Yale University, crying can help your body recover from this. Too much of everything can be risky, right? And that goes well with emotions too. By crying the body will be able to get back to its neutral state, which helps the body become calmer.  

Knowing these benefits, you might now want to reconsider crying as a blessing in disguise. Though it can make your eyes puffy and red, experts claim it really won't have a negative impact on your eyes, as explained by The College of Optometrists. So given this reason, it is relieving to say, it will always be okay to cry.