Monaco Telecom Rolls Out Full 5G Coverage Using Huawei Gear In European First

Monaco Telecom
A Huawei logo and a 5G sign are pictured at Mobile World Congress (Photo: Reuters / Aly Song)

The city-state of Monaco officially became the first European country to have full 5G coverage. On Tuesday, telecommunications carrier Monaco Telecom announced the launch of its next-generation 5G mobile wireless network that covers the entire city.

Despite warnings from the United States, Monaco Telecom still went ahead and used technologies supplied by the Chinese telecommunication equipment giant Huawei.

Major European cities are now slowly upgrading their networks from 3G and 4G to newer and much faster 5G standard. Most European telecommunications firms have been torn between following the United States' recommendations and going with Huawei for their wireless needs.

Huawei is currently the leader in 5G technology, offering companies the most advanced equipment at the most competitive prices when compared to other suppliers.

The United States continues to stick by its allegations that Huawei is merely a tool for the Chinese government to spy on other countries. The country has also warned its allies to steer away from doing business with the Chinese firm, citing that using products from the company could be a security risk. Despite the warnings, many countries in Europe and other regions are still continuing their partnerships with Huawei.

To appease any possible security concerns with its partnership with Huawei,

Monaco Telecom announced ahead of the rollout that it has already worked to update all of the equipment it had bought to ensure that all the necessary security measures were put in place.

Monaco Telecom originally announced back in September of last year that it had signed an agreement with Huawei to supply it with the necessary equipment it needed to roll out its 5G service. Monaco Telecom is owned by French billionaire Xavier Niel.

During the inauguration ceremony of its 5G rollout, Monaco Telecom president Etienne Franzi boasted that the city is officially now the first in Europe to be fully covered by 5G. Franzi also stated that the availability of 5G in the city should result in a better quality of life for everyone in it. The technology will also apparently provide companies and establishments more opportunities.

In response to the Monaco Telecom's announcement, Huawei issued its own statement revealed that it was very proud to have been part of the rollout. Huawei vice president Guo Ping stated that Monaco Telecom's 5G rollout is a big opportunity for the company as it will essentially become its shopping window for the rest of Europe. For the company, Monaco has become its model for other operators and countries in Europe. 

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