Queen Elizabeth
Royal expert claims the person behind Queen Elizabeth's fashion success happens to be her "most trusted aide" and "closest friend" in the palace. (Photo: The Royal Family/Facebook)

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her elegant and colorful royal style, and royal expert claims the person behind the monarch's fashion success happens to be her "most trusted aide" and "closest friend" in the palace.

A documentary from Channel 5 aired in June, titled Secrets of the Royal Servants, focused on behind the scenes at dressing Queen Elizabeth. The reason why Her Majesty reportedly looks fashionable and elegant all the time is because of her most trusted royal aide, Angela Kelly.

According to documentary narrator Samantha Bond, Kelly carefully designed and planned the trademark outfits of the monarch, as she's reportedly Her Majesty's right-hand woman and devoted servant. Royal correspondent Simon Vigar said Kelly worked hard to make her way up to be with where she is now.

She reportedly started as a royal servant and the as a dresser to Queen Elizabeth, and eventually, the two got along really well. Journalist Susie Boniface also claims the monarch considered Kelly as one of her most trusted aides and also her closest friend in the palace. During the London Fashion Week in 2018, she was spotted with Her Majesty, wherein she sat beside Anna Wintour.

In the podcast Pod Save the Queen, royal fashion expert Sali Hughes talked about Kelly's role, saying her relationship with Queen Elizabeth is "very important." Kelly reportedly worked as a housekeeper for the British Ambassador to Germany, and when the monarch visited, the two reportedly had an immediate bond.

Hughes claims Her Majesty asked the Ambassador if she could have Kelly. Now, she's reportedly the closest confidante of the monarch, as well as her closest friend in the palace. Also, Kelly designed 40 to 50 percent of Queen Elizabeth's clothes, although she isn't a fashion designer by trade.

Kelly is also responsible for recording and archiving of everything the monarch wears and that everything's considered in forensic detail. Moreover, there were rumors that some of the palace staff can hear the giggles of the two from down the corridor, which only showed that they were indeed very close friends.

And even though Kelly is a royal employee, the working relationship of the two blossomed into a close friendship. For instance, there were reports Queen Elizabeth frequently visits Kelly's house when she's in Windsor. Some royal watchers also said that after the death of Her Majesty's mother and sister, she reportedly looked for people to fill the void and one of those is Kelly.