Jane The Virgin Season 5
“Jane The Virgin” Season 5 is about to end and things are becoming more complicated. (Photo: cwjanethevirgin/Facebook)

Read at your own risk: This article contains spoilers for Jane The Virgin Season 5.

With only four episodes left, Jane The Virgin Season 5 is now wrapping things up. And sadly, the series is about to reach its imminent end already. As it happens, the current season will serve as the final run for the show.

For almost five years, the fans of the hit series have followed the footsteps of Jane after her accidental artificial insemination in the pilot run. Of course, this kind of premise easily picked up and caught the attention of many since the show offers a unique dynamic. And in because Jane is a very religious young Latina, Jane The Virgin tackles a lot of cultural, moral, and religious issues of recent times.

On March 27, almost a year after the fourth season finale, the show premiered its fifth season. And it started with a few similarities that happened during the first season of the show.

As it appears, Jane proclaimed her love for Michael in the pilot episode. But in the first episode of the final season, she did the same to Rafael and assured him that they would make it through.

Quite obviously, the situation was quite overwhelming, considering that Michael had returned from the dead. This surprised a lot of people, which then caused the dynamic of Jane The Virgin to shift instantly.

Even so, it still added thrill and excitement to the course of the show. And as of the time being, the current season is now fifteen episodes deep.

According to Bustle, the remaining episodes may largely feature Rafael. But whether it will be a positive or unpleasant course, little has been shared about the matter. Nevertheless, many fans are eyeing that Rafael would play an integral role in the last moments of Jane The Virgin.

It is also worth noting that the showrunner, Jennie Snyder Urman, revealed a few months ago that the final season would still give “heartaches” to its characters, along with the audience. She even “promised” that there will be deaths since it is still a “telenovela.”

Accordingly, many are now speculating that Rafael might die before the series concludes. And this is a possible twist that could happen in the last few episodes. But even so, there are still those fans who have remained hopeful and believed that Jane and Rafael would be the endgame of the show.

Jane The Virgin Season 5 returns with its sixteenth episode on July 17, on The CW.