George R.R. Martin confirmed the Starks would be in the prequel, while the Lannisters would eventually appear.
George R.R. Martin confirmed the Starks would be in the prequel, while the Lannisters would eventually appear. (Photo: GameofThronesLAT/Facebook)

Game of Thrones Prequel is now in the works, so fans are about to see another epic fantasy series set in Westeros. Although the show will feature familiar settings and also made by the original series author George R.R. Martin, it will be far more different from what fans used to see. However, the famed novelist revealed the Stark family and, maybe, the Lannisters would make their way in the series.

Martin earlier told Entertainment Weekly the Starks would be in the spinoff series. "The Starks will definitely be there," he said.

The Starks have been in Westeros for thousands of years as they are the descendants of the First Men. So according to Distractify, Brandon Stark, famously known as Bran the Builder, may be seen in the series as he is a notable Age of Heroes Stark family member who founded the House of Stark.

Bran may play a big role in Game of Thrones Prequel. As the show will be set 5,000 years before the Battle of the Kings, it is the time when the White Walkers will set foot in Westeros. He famously built the Wall, thus the name, to protect the realm from the undead. So, there is a big chance that fans will see him in the series.

Lannisters may also be seen in the spinoff, although Martin said, at least, not at first. As the Casterly Rock will be seen as a part of the show, fans may know the back story of the house and how does the lion steal it from its original owner, the Casterlys.

Lann the Clever founded House Lannister, but he stole Casterly Rock from the Casterly family. Business Times recently reported the history of Casterly Rock is a part of Martin's first book from the A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Game of Thrones. However, the writer didn't reveal much detail about the Casterlys.

Although it remains to be seen if Game of Thrones Prequel will feature Lann the Clever's story, fans may see a glimpse of it with the inclusion of Casterly Rock in the series. Viewers may get to know how the Lann the Clever outwit the Casterly family to get their house and all of their riches.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones Prequel's production set is reportedly filled with a lot of cave-like settings, and one of its sets is said to have a lion statue. The lion is known as a Lannister's sigil, so this may only prove that the family will be in the series.

Although the Lannisters may not be around the time of the Age of Heroes, Corlos Casterly already founded House Casterly. Legend has it that the gods led him to mine full of gold after he set a cub free after he killed its lion mother.

With the wealth the lion cub gave to him, Corlos may use the lion statue as House Casterly's sigil, which ends up as the Lannisters' seal. HBO has yet to announce when Game of Thrones Prequel will be out, but it is expected to be released in 2020 or 2021.