Will he turn his back on the entertainment world after discharge?
Will he turn his back on the entertainment world after discharge? (Photo: BIGBANG/Facebook)

T.O.P recently completed his mandatory military service, and people have been wondering what he’s going to do next. Other celebrities who had enlisted usually go back to the entertainment world and resume their career, while some slowly faded from the spotlight.

As of this writing, there is no update regarding the BIGBANG star’s plans after he completed his compulsory duty. He has all the right to choose to continue his career in the entertainment world or distance himself from the industry.

However, it is clear that T.O.P is taking time out. Not just from K-pop, but from everything. The 31-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and the actor he has not been seen in public after the secret fan meeting on the day of his discharge.

If he is working on an album or making a new movie, there would be some signs. But T.O.P chose to disappear for a bit to reflect on himself and his mistake. This was evident in his first Instagram entry after enlistment.

“Even though I am not proud of myself, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the fans who made time and efforts to share this moment with me,” T.O.P wrote. “I will make sure to reflect on my self and repay the hurts and disappointments I caused to you. Again, thank you. Until I see you again.. love, T.O.P.”

While it is understandable that the BIGBANG star is taking a break from the entertainment world, fans are hoping to see him again. T.O.P knows this, which is why he assured the VIPs in his post that he would see them soon.

Meanwhile, former BIGBANG member Seungri announced his retirement back in May amid a prostitution scandal. After being a part of show business for over a decade, the 28-year-old songwriter, record producer, actor, entrepreneur, DJ, and creative director revealed that he would be leaving the industry.

Unlike T.O.P, who was involved with only one case, Seungri is facing seven chargesThere is no update regarding the troubled idol's case as of this moment.

After Seungri, another YG Entertainment star B.I. also faced his own controversy. A Kakao Talk message revealed that the former leader of iKON attempted to purchase illegal drugs. And for this, he decided to quit the group and left the agency.