Jersey Shore
"Jersey Shore Family Vacation" season 3 brings back the old party gang together again. (Photo: JerseyShoreMTV/Facebook)

Prepare for another dive as Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 3 has premiered on MTV. The party crew has returned as Snooki, Pauly D., Vinny, Jenni, Mike, Deena, Ronnie, and Angelina are all set to make waves for summer television once again.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 3 officially unveiled its first episode last Thursday, July 11 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV. New episodes will be airing every week for the rest of the summer in the same schedule. 

The series will be showcasing plenty of life-changing moments for its cast members. In the first episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 3, the party gang was shown to have visited Mike, who is planning his wedding to Laurens but who is also facing the possibility of going to prison for tax evasion. 

Meanwhile, Vinny compared his group to the Avengers in the Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 3 premiere, per, the gang trooped to Mike's place to shower him with positivity regardless of his situation. 

According to the reports, Mike's prison decision will be played out in three episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 3. Meanwhile, the rest of the season will feature the status of each of the cast members.

For instance, Deena is expecting a new baby, which should be a cause for celebration for the old roommates. However, Jenni is, unfortunately, thinking about getting a divorce, which has dampened the reunion a little bit. 

Ronnie, on the other hand, will be facing up to the gang to tell them that he's already fed up with the joke at his expense. But then here comes Pauly, who plans one last prank for Mike on Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 3. 

"Through the challenges and fears, pranks and surprise wedding guests is the humor that keeps this group together and proves that facing life's twists and turns are easier with friends," the press release stated. 

The reality TV show is also up for viewing on its live stream channel via the MTV App. Viewers may access the extra-large episodes and 24-hour viewing access by downloading the app on iTunes, Google Play, Roku, or Apple TV. 

Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 3 can also be viewed on Direct Now, Sling TV and other live stream platforms. Some of these programs offer a free trial for seven days, per Decider.