#2 is very interesting.
#2 is very interesting. (Photo: BTS/Facebook)

Being the leader of BTS, many may have thought that RM already figured everything out. After all, he wouldn’t be called a good leader if Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook couldn’t rely on him.

But the 24-year-old rapper, songwriter, and record producer prove that even the leader of one of the most successful K-pop groups in history can make mistakes and has weird habits too. Here are ten bizarre facts about RM.

1. He can lose passports.

BTS travels the world all the time for their tours, promotions, and appearances. With that said, having a passport is very important for Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

But it seems that the BTS leader is not very keen on keeping them as he’s an expert at losing passports.

2. RM doesn’t know how to blow bubble gum.

In Episode 50 of Run BTS!, RM asked one of his members how to blow a piece of bubble gum. “Why can’t I blow a bubble? How can you do this?” He innocently asked.

3. He juts out his chin, and his members enjoy teasing him about this habit.

4. The BTS leader is the “King of Rejected Handshakes.”

Just because he’s the leader, doesn’t mean the other members will submit to him all the time. There will be incidents that the other boys can also be cruel towards him by not accepting his handshake. (See the clip here).

Of course, this is nothing serious as they like to tease each other as real brothers do.

5. RM has no problem falling asleep even if it’s super bright.

6. Just like most ARMYs, he also finds his members very cute.

7. But the BTS star finds it very embarrassing if he has to do cute things.

8. RM is famously known for his dimples. Some even consider it a national treasure.

9. The rapper is allergic to seafood, but that doesn’t mean that he hates crabs. He likes them but as a friend.

10. The BTS star likes to sing in the shower. Jimin said RM sang “beautiful songs.”

While many may think that these facts are normal, these are pretty unusual because we're talking about RM here, who is known for being prim and proper, and very composed. So to know things about him like he keeps losing passports is a fun reminder that he's just like the rest of us.