Princess Diana Predicted Her Own Tragic Death After Divorcing Prince Charles
Princess Diana had apparently predicted how her life would turn out to end. (Photo: princess.diana.forever/Instagram)

Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles since she was 19 years old, but the two got separated after the Prince had an affair with another lady, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Rumors circulated that Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were disappointed with the Prince and they took the side of Princess Diana instead of their oldest son.

According to the report of RSVP Live, Prince Philip and Prince Charles' ex-wife exchanged letters after they got separated. The report said that the letter contains the disappointment of the Prince and the Queen for the Prince's affair and that they never thought he would leave her wife for Camilla.

Unlike others, Princess Diana felt unease with her marriage with Prince Charles. The Princess hated the constant tailing of photographers where ever she goes. She felt lonely and unhappy that her life became open for the whole world to see. It took time for the Princess to adapt to her married life with one of the royals.

The Princess was in good relations with other members of the family, including her father-in-law Prince Philip. She is also close to Sarah Ferguson, the wife of Prince Andrew but it ended after a short time because she felt that they are always being compared. According to rumors, Prince Charles adored Sarah Ferguson's gay character, and He wanted the timid Diana to act like her. Sarah always excelled in almost every royal pastime and sports, making her the favorite of almost everyone until her divorce with Prince Andrew. Diana's good relationship with Sarah drifted apart, and they stopped speaking to each other until the death of Diana in 1997.

Princess Diana made many friends during her marriage with the Prince. She is known to be friends with the talented singer Elton John. The singer continued his friendship with the royal family even after the death of Diana.

Diana is also friends with Rosa Moncton, and she became a godmother to the latter's daughter. The Princess hated living her life in the spot light, but she made lots of friends that she could talk to when she needed them. Also, she is in good terms with Prince Philip despite her conflicting relationship with the Queen. The Express UK's royal news reported that the two had a "warm relationship" and that the Prince was sympathetic to the Princess personal issues. The Prince became someone that Diana could rely on support when she needed it.