Just like Cliff, Kemi had been an often target in "Big Brother 21."
Just like Cliff, Kemi had been an often target in "Big Brother 21." (Photo: BigBrotherLiveFeed/Facebook)

Kemi has left the Big Brother 21, but Cliff seems wanted her to stay inside the house over the people that he is with today. There is a theory that claims Kemi may be the new season's wildcard, although Cliff sees other major power players.

Cliff continuously does his monologue to live feeds every morning, and some seem annoyed with what he does. The Gr8ful alliance already has a lot of cards to use against him, so will he be the next to get evicted?

In one of his latest monologues, Cliff admitted he liked Jackson and Holly and wanted to work with them, but he would rather keep Kemi in the house. However, he had no idea how could that possibly happen, as he knew there were some power players in Big Brother 21.

Cliff also mentioned the possibility to keep Kemi around by voting out Christie and Tommy. He even confirmed to Jackson that the two were having talks with the other side. According to CarterMatt, the other side might only be playing the game with Christie and Tommy more than people like Holly and Analyse.

Amidst everything that is happening, it remains to be a big question of how Cliff is being targeted in Big Brother 21. He can be useful to viewers to know everything that is happening that is beyond seen in the camera. He is also not a big threat to anyone.

Just like Cliff, Kemi had been an often target in the new season. Kemi got voted out after receiving 10 votes, while Jessica only got one. With all the eavesdropping and conspiring, it was no surprise that she got evicted.

So when she delivered her eviction speech, she showed she had nothing to lose. "I think we all know what's going on in the house," she said, per CinameBlend. "You know, there are things going on that have been floating around the house."

She even called out Nick and Bella for playing both sides of Big Brother 21, trying to create new alliances, and doing new stuff. She then wished them to vote the best of their interests to further their game and predicted they might not win Head of Household but be with her in Camp Comeback.

Kemi is staying in Camp Comeback, so the HouseGuests that voted her out would still be seeing her around. Although it is not yet revealed if she would return inside the house after Camp Comeback, she could be the wild card in Big Brother 21.