Are You The One?
"Are You The One?" season 8 features queer dating, which is a first on the MTV show. (Photo: MTV )

Are You The One? season 8 is bolder than the previous seasons as it matches up contestants regardless of their gender preference. But episode 5, which is set to air on Wednesday, July 17, may be quite shocking even to the contestants as a "fivesome" took place in the house. 

The teaser for Are You The One? season 8 episode 5 need not be explicit to explain the surprise and shock. All it took was just the word "fivesome," was which uttered by different contestants, to show that went on inside the house that previous night was not the norm. 

Now, viewers of Are You The One? season 8 are trying to figure out who could be part of that fivesome based on who wasn't shown to be shocked in the clips. One fan, however, said on Twitter that a fivesome is basically like a sex party or an orgy. Is this even allowed? 

Meanwhile, Are You The One? season 8 episode 4 kicked off with a poll among the contestants. They were asked who they think was the most desirable single in the house, both Jenna and Amber got the highest score. 

The two were then tasked to choose their favorite lines during the Getaway Challenge, which were from the other contestants themselves. Amber picked Kari's line because it had two of her favorites: "crazy" and "lick." Jenna, on the other hand, chose her ex-partner Kai's line because it had the words "cake." 

Their second choices were Paige's line for Amber and Remy's line for Jenna. The winners of this challenge went on a Getaway Date, which was a night swimming and boating escapade. 

During the date, Remy told Jenna that she makes him tingle all over his body but he also planted some intriguing ideas in her head about Kai, who once said that Jenna was a blood-sucking leech. When it was Kai's turn to have alone time with Jenna, she made it clear why they had to break up. They ended up screaming at each other, but then they made out afterward. 

As for Amber, she and Paige had a sweet time during their group date. With respects to Nour, however, Amber just kissed the people she picked on the cheeks after their date.

Meanwhile, as the Getaway Date was taking place, the ones left at the house held a queer prom on Are You The One? season 8, per MTV. It was a special night for some of the contestants because many of them didn't go to the prom when they were in high school. 

However, while Amber had Nour in mind during her Getaway Date, her partner ended up making out with Kylie. Now, Amber is asking Nour for space. 

Are You The One? season 8 airs at 9:00 p.m. Wednesdays on MTV.