Princess Diana Predicted Her Own Tragic Death After Divorcing Prince Charles

Princess Diana Predicted Her Own Tragic Death After Divorcing Prince Charles
Princess Diana had apparently predicted how her life would turn out to end. (Photo: princess.diana.forever/Instagram)

The death of the Italian fashion legend, Gianni Versace, way back in 1997 had shocked many in the industry as well as loyal patrons and fashion icons back in the day. One of them was Diana, Princess of Wales, who at the time was a valued client of the designer but also a good friend.

The People's Princess was completely heartbroken over the news of the assassination of Versace. And it also drove her to become a bit more paranoid each day and to obsess about how she might be walking into the same fate her friend did.

According to the reports, Versace, who was at the peak of success in his career as a fashion designer and pioneer in modern design, was shot dead on July 1997 right outside his Miami Beach mansion, more commonly known as Casa Casuarina. At 50 years old, the designer suffered from multiple bullet wounds to the head and was pronounced dead upon arrival at a nearby hospital.

A few weeks later, Princess Diana, who was onboard a yacht owned Dodi Fayed's father, began to obsess about what had happened to her friend. At the time, the princess had already divorced Charles, Prince of Wales.

She had even allegedly spoken to her lover's bodyguard, Sansum, about her troubles. She had revealed to Sansum that she felt as though she had been followed around everywhere and was being watched. She also confessed about her suspicion of being constantly spied on by someone in the shadows.

She spoke to Fayed as well about her concerns. And in an emotional fit, she wondered out loud how the people who were spying on her would eventually end her life. She said it was either going to be a plane crash or a car accident that would intentionally leave her too wounded to survive.

Moreover, the late princess' butler, Paul Burrell, recently revealed a vital piece of information that may as well be proof of the conspiracy in Princess Diana's tragic death. Burrell reportedly attested to the fact that the princess had given him a note which she had meant to be insurance.

In the note, she poured her messy thoughts to Burrell, her confidant. She told him that she had caught wind of the plans that were being put into motion to kill her and make it seem like an accident.

She also wrote that it would happen really soon. The mastermind of the plot, although disclosed in the butler's statement, meant to permanently silence Diana in order to clear the way for Prince Charles to remarry.

At the time, people close to her just shrugged off her paranoia and contributed it to the endless emotional and mental abuse she had had to endure in the last decade because of being in the spotlight during a difficult time in her marriage.

And true to Diana's written words, in August 1997, the princess had been in a car crash in Paris together with Fayed and an alleged drunk driver, after they were relentlessly pursued by paparazzi. The other two men in the car were pronounced dead on the scene, however, Diana was rushed to a hospital, only to be pronounced dead on arrival.

There are endless conspiracies surrounding the death of the princess, but no one will ever know what went down for sure. 

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