Persona 5 Royal - E3 2019 Trailer | PS4
Persona 5 Royal - E3 2019 Trailer | PS4 (Photo: YouTube/PlayStation)

Atlus showed the episode 3 of Morgana's report, with Morgana explaining what more we can expect from Persona 4 Royal.

Morgana first discussed the combination attacks showcased in Yusuke's, Ann's, and Ryuji's trailers, which apparently is called Show Time. These are powerful attacks unlocked as the Phantom Thieves deepen their bonds.

The new video also informed us how personas now have a special skill with different effects. For example, Makoto's Johanna experiences an increase in power when she uses physical skills. All personas used by Joker also have special characteristics, and like skills, they can be transferred when fusing a new persona.

The questions people sent in were answered by Morgana as well. Nearly everything Morgana mentioned was already known to fans, but Morgana announcing it makes is an official confirmation. Perhaps the most important confirmation is how Morgana said that Persona 5 Royal isn't huge of a change from the original Persona 5, but the new iteration would have a lot of elements that we're seen before.

Persona 5 Royal will have new personas, as confirmed by Morgana in the video. Kichijoji, one of the new areas, was also shown and the different effects of some of the activities available in the new location.

Additionally, Baton Touch Rank will increase when playing darts with a party member. To raise Joker's Social Stats, one can play billiard, which can also raise something new called the Technical Rank. The Technical Rank is shared by everyone and ups the power of Technical related damage and the probability to Down enemies. There's also a Jazz Club, and if a player invites a party member there, a certain amount of experience can be received. To increase Joker's max SP, he can meditate at a temple.

The equipment you got in dungeons can now be sold to anew Vintage Cloth Shop. Joker is selling the clothes for points and money, which can be exchanged for items. There are plenty of other shops in Persona 5 Royal, but we'll have to play the game to find all of them, according to Morgana.

Before the stream ended, Morgana made a note of how the ending of Ryuji's trailer feels a bit odd, which is probably a hint that Atlus is cooking something major.

Persona 5 Royal is a PS4-exclusive launching on Oct. 31 in Japan. The rest of the world will see the game by 2020. And if you're in Japan, watch out for the Persona 5 Stage Play.