'The InBetween' Episode 6: Serial Killer Visions Haunt Cassie

The InBetween
Harriet Dyer stars as a clairvoyant in "The InBetween" on NBC. (Photo: NBCInBetween/Facebook)

A serial killer haunting Cassie Bedford (played by Harriet Dyer) in her head will return in The InBetween episode 6. But her visions may have been compromised as even Det. Damien Asante (played by Justin Cornwell) confirms if she's sure of what she's been seeing.

In a teaser for The InBetween episode 6, Cassie tells Damien that she is positive that her visions are connected to their latest case. Damien as well as Cassie's father, Det. Tom Hackett (played by Paul Blackthorne), are investigating three murders that are likely linked together.

The said serial killer who has been triggering her visions is Ed Roven, who was on the haunt in the 1990s until he was imprisoned and then executed in 2005. It is his spirit that has been trying to reach Cassie because of her gift. The serial killer wants to leave the in-between, but his spirit cannot seem to do so.

Meanwhile, The InBetween episode 6 will also feature Cassie who is helping out a friend find peace, per the episode synopsis. The death of a loved one has been causing problems with Cassie's friend, so she has to be the go-between of these two worlds. 

The InBetween, which debuted in May 2019 on NBC, follows a woman who possesses an unusual ability to see and talk to the dead. While Cassie at times this gift is a curse, she has finally figured how to make the most of it. 

Cassie uses her connection to the other world to help solve problems, regardless if she is up to it or not. She came to help the police after her father needed her skill in helping solve a dark and puzzling murder case. 

NBC commissioned The InBetween for a pilot order in January of 2018. By May of the same year, the network confirmed the show for a series order which was set to premiere during the mid-season. 

"I think that everything that deals with birth and death makes us just feel better about life," Dyer said of The InBetween, in an interview with Parade.  "It makes us feel better about our every day, the people that we've lost, and the fact that some things can keep going, and that when you say goodbye to someone, they can still be around."

The series about clairvoyance is set for 10 episodes. However, it's still unclear if NBC will renew the show after its summer run.

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