‘Veronica Mars’ Season 4 Arriving On Hulu, Series To Continue Plot After 12 Years

Veronica Mars Season 4
“Veronica Mars” Season 4 premieres soon on Hulu. (Photo: VeronicaMars/Facebook)

After 12 years of hiatus, Veronica Mars is making a huge comeback on television screens for its fourth season. It is only in 2018 that reports emerged about the show’s apparent return. As it happens, the fandom is not satisfied with its cancellation back in 2007.

The pilot season of hit mystery-thriller series premiered in 2004. With its compelling plot that is filled with shocking mysteries, heartbreaking arcs, and thrilling investigatory processes, the show was able to last for three seasons. But unfortunately, it was ultimately canceled after the third run due to undisclosed reasons.

The 2007 cancellation caused a lot of uproar from the fans. But since the time then was far different from today, the fandom could not pass any petition or create campaigns through social media platforms. So, of course, Veronica Mars was not given a chance to continue its course after the third installment.

Even so, the fans have remained loyal to the show which led for the “crowd-funded feature-length” film to be released in 2014 as per Screen Rant. In it, the film reunited the main cast of the series and provided a seeming continuation/finale for the show. But this did not satisfy the fandom. Accordingly, the production has decided to continue the series, hence, Veronica Mars Season 4.

Four years later, the series main actress, Kristen Bell, revealed and confirmed that the popular cult-followed show would be back for a new season. And despite having a 12-year gap, the upcoming season will pick up where it last left off.

The actress further went on and stated that the show would be available for streaming on Hulu. And before the actual arrival, the platform will make the prior seasons available as well for streaming.

These recent revelations caused a lot of fans to be excited and glad about the movements of Veronica Mars. And things got even more interesting when the official trailer has dropped earlier this year.

According to Kotaku, the show will have a total of eight episodes in the upcoming season. And all of these will be made available once it premieres on the platform. Also, all of the main cast members will reprise their roles, which is quite “extraordinary” considering that the show was last seen 12 years ago.

As for the plot, while the show will pick up where it ended last season, a new murder mystery in Neptune will take Ms. Mars’ time as the Mars Investigations is hired for the job. And for eight episodes, this is where the story will go.

The revived Veronica Mars Season 4 will premiere on July 26, on Hulu.

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