The 200 top-performing public companies listed on the 2019 Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion list proved why they were listed in the first place. Most of them posted more than a 50% average growth in their combined annual net profit and sales during the latest financial year, Forbes reported. The total went up to a combined US$10 billion and $54 billion, respectively.

As for the total market value, the class of 2019 slid by 10% down to $229 billion, when compared to the previous batch. To be fair, this year wasn't exactly kind; the research was done amid a time when China and the US are trapped in an ugly trade dispute.

The Best Under A Billion list took note of 200 leading public companies that belonged to the Asia Pacific region. Each of these companies had annual revenue that fell between $5 million and $1 billion, at least. Candidates for the list were screened based on their growth, indebtedness, and profitability. The final selection considered the highest sales and earnings per share.

Three companies who belong in this list are located in Malaysia. The list, according to Malay Mail, contained other companies from dominant countries such as Australia, China, Japan, and South Korea. The companies in question are Elsoft, Pentamaster, and Vitrox. These three have a combined market value of around $1.34 billion and a net income worth of $59 million.

Elsoft Research Bhd is a manufacturer of semiconductors and was founded in 2003, has a market capitalization value of $132 million. Pentamaster Corporation Berhad, meanwhile, is an investment holding company which-through subsidiaries-manufactures automated and semi-automated machines and equipment. Vitrox Corporation Bhd develops and produces automated vision inspection systems, lastly.

Another Southeast Asian nation, Singapore, has two companies on the list with AEM Holdings and IGG finally breaking through. Thailand contributed with five companies on the list. These are Exotic Food, Pylon, Seafco, Siam Wellness Group, and United Paper. These companies have a combined market value of $851 million.

Taiwan made waves by returning on the list with Aspeed Technology, which manufactures semiconductors. It marks its sixth consecutive appearance on the list. With a market value of $656 million, it's market sales grew by 14% to $71 million in 2018. It has the rise of data centers around the world to credit for the strong demand for its chips, which fueled the drive for its sixth appearance.