‘Swamp Thing’ Cancellation Speculations Continue To Spiral, Series Introduces New Character Before Final Conclusion

Swamp Thing
"DC Universe’s "Swamp Thing" heads to DC Universe." (Photo: DC Comics/Facebook)

Earlier this year, DC Universe has released a new original material that is solely based on their comic series. Along with Titans and Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing premiered its pilot run last May. And with its compelling horror and thrilling dynamic, the show immediately obtained its audience.

However, a surprising announcement followed the premiere of the pilot episode. And as per the released statement from DC, Swamp Thing is canceled for future installations. Hence, the pilot run will be the first and only installment of the series.

Despite immediately having a large audience and positive ratings, DC have remained firm with their decision to cancel the show ultimately. But when everyone is asking the right questions about its surprising and shocking cancellation, no word has heard from the platform.

According to Business Insider, the cancellation did not only surprise the fans and viewers. As it happens, even the show’s producer, James Wan, was shocked upon learning the final decision that has been made for Swamp Thing. Not to mention, the same is also true for the whole production team and crew members as no one knows what happened or what caused the immediate termination.

There were even reports that revealed the producer’s comments about the matter. He shared publicly that they did not “tear down” the set. Instead, they just left the sets standing as they “walked away.” And with these claims at hand, many have speculated that the whole set is still hoping for something to change as the series progresses.

But as it appears, the decision is already final as Swamp Thing is already on its way to its seventh episode and no one has heard from DC yet. And with only three episodes left in the course, it is now much more highly unlikely to revert the cancellation.

Even so, the fandom continues to speculate as to why DC axed the show for good. And based on various platforms online, there are conclusions that the show’s costs are too expensive to handle. Additionally, there are also claims that largely points out the budget issues between Warner Bros. and the state of North Carolina.

But while these theories are quite viable to justify the apparent cancellation, DC Universe left the fans with a single statement explaining that they truly appreciate the “why” questions. However, they cannot answer them at the moment since they are not in the position to do so.

Swamp Thing continues to air on DC Universe every Friday. And for the upcoming episode titled, Brilliant Disguise, a new character will join the cast who has been revealed recently to be the popular Aquaman, Michael Beach.

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