‘Power’ Season 6 Coming Soon on Starz, Series Finale Puts Everyone’s Lives At Risk

Power Season 6
“Power” Season 6 is about to drop in August. (Photo: Power.Starz/Facebook)

Read at your own risk: This article contains spoilers for Power Season 5.

It has been months already ever since Power Season 5 has concluded. And with its heart-stopping finale, the majority of the fandom cannot wait any longer for its continuation. Fortunately, the upcoming installment is now arriving on Starz.

During the last few moments of the show last season, Kanan was killed which shocked a lot of fans as 50 Cent’s character has become one of the most favorite personas in Power. But while this course has already brought great surprises to the viewers, the finale provided a much more shocking turnout of events.

As any fan would recall, Ghost’s best friend, Tommy, mistakenly shot Angela as he was targeting Ghost. Although this is truly a heartbreaking revelation for Ghost, one thing is now certain, Tommy must pay the price of his betrayal to his best friend and brother-in-arms.

Also, the fifth season finale left the fans with a thrilling course that the feds are now coming after Ghost. So, it seemingly appears that things are not looking up for him. But it has been already hinted long ago that Ghost will try to be so much more successful when Power Season 6 arrives.

As it happens, Ghost believes that everyone who has wronged him, most especially Tommy, must pay the price as per The Sun. And as a form of revenge, he perceives that the only way he can do this is when he becomes more successful with his endeavors.

But while this may sound too cliché, many fans are speculating that this notion is pretty relative. And with Jerry Ferrera’s recent interview with Hollywood Life, the actor who plays the role of Proctor seemingly hints that Ghost’s devotion to becoming successful may not be entirely accomplished in good terms.

He also revealed that the lives of every character in Power Season 6 are at stake. The “stakes are high,” and it will go down for everyone. Whether it may be finances or freedom or anything that affects their overall character, these factors will all be impacted. And certainly, someone or some of them would die before the series finally concludes.

So far, these are the only details that have been shared about the series. Even so, Power Season 6 will premiere on August 25, on Starz. And it is also worth noting that the upcoming season will already serve as the final installment for the show as per the production.

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