Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns (Photo: Miguel Discart | Flickr)

WWE Extreme Rules happens this Sunday, July 14, 2019, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a stacked card. But one match that should be interesting to see is the one pitting Roman Reigns and The Undertaker against Shane McMahon and Drew Mcintyre. This will be a No Holds Barred match, meaning wrestling fans will be in for a punishing and drama-filled match.

On their own, there is no question that Reigns and the Undertaker are already individual powerhouses on their own. Hence, teaming up against Shane-O-Mac and McIntyre would initially seem like a no-contest on paper. But in the WWE, anything is possible - including potential heel-turns on tandems that seem too powerful to overcome.

For the coming WWE pay-per-view, most may recall the history between the Undertaker and Reigns. Both faced off at Wrestlemania 33 with the latter defeating the Phenom. Further, that clash forced the Dead Man out of action due to injuries. Hence, it comes a bit surprising to suddenly see the two protagonists fighting side-by-side, said.

Something is expected to give and a plausible expectation is that someone may turn heel. With claims from the Wrestling Observer that the Undertaker is scheduled to face McIntyre at WWE SummerSlam, there is a chance that Reigns could end up turning heel or diverting his attention to Shane McMahon instead. Seeing that the match will be a No Holds Barred affair, there could be accidental hits or turns that could set the stage for these potential clashes.

Worth noting as well is that the Wrestling Observer says that an Undertaker vs. McIntyre setto is not the current plan for SummerSlam. Hence, it could either turn out to be an Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns rematch or another Shane McMahon showdown with the Dead Man. The storyline for that could potentially be drawn up this weekend in Philadelphia.

As far as the upcoming match and assuming no twists are involved, Reigns and the Undertaker are not expected to win easily. There will be surprises forthcoming, most likely orchestrated by Shane-O-Mac himself. Elias has no match scheduled for the night - hinting that he is likely to get involved at some capacity. Some new members could also be introduced to the Shane McMahon fold - calling to mind the era where factions, face or heel, made a difference in the past. Either way, expect plenty of surprises when WWE Extreme Rules unfolds this weekend.