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A new leak surfaced today detailing the specs of the alleged upcoming product line from Intel the Intel Comet Lake-S. (Photo: Intel/Twitter)

A few days ago, a leak surfaced online claiming that Intel is working on a new product line of CPUs called Intel Comet Lake-S. but, unlike the previous leak, the new source reveals new details about Intel's 400-series platform which is allegedly made up of Intel's 10th generation processors. The new leaked further reveals that the desktop CPUs will feature support for LGA 1200 Socket and will have up to 125 TDP and 10 cores.

According to a new leak, the Intel Comet Lake-S will be released in 2020. While the leak talks mainly about the upcoming platform itself it also reveals roadmaps for a couple of desktops. The first one shows that the next chief updates from Intel will be the Cascade Lake-X processors. It will have up to 18 cores or 165 TDP on the LGA 2066 socket.

The Basin Falls, which is a refresh, will be replaced by the Intel Glacier Falls platform, denoted by codename x299. The new motherboards will keep X299 naming since there are no really big differences when it comes to chipset and that the motherboards are almost the same. Several board makers anticipated a chipset change because of the LGA 2066 socketed boards with X499 marking dotted all over it.

However, those were merely placeholders and Intel already announced that they will retain the X299 for marketing purposes. It seems that Intel is not planning for something new in regards to their premium A-series CPUs for LGA 3647 socket and it will continue to use the Xeon W-3175X. when it comes to the mainstream products, the rumored Intel Comet Lake-S will be based on the 14nm process node.

It will have up to 10 cores and a bulky 125w of TDP. The Intel Comet Lake-S has a release window of 2020. According to the latest leak, the Intel Comet Lake-S will replace the whole series of the Intel Coffee Lake-Refresh which are all 9th generation processors by next year. Consumers can expect that the upcoming CPUs will come with several other changes aside from those mentioned earlier.

This includes the number of available PCIe lanes. Intel, unlike its competitor AMD, is not yet gunning for the gen 4 PCIe. Instead, it is planning to provide more PCIe lanes. The leak also mentioned that the upcoming platform will have up to 46 I/O lanes and only 10 will not have a chipset. In other words, the Intel Comet Lake-S CPUs will still feature 16 PCIe lanes but it will have a higher number of PCH boost.