Three Lesser Known Facts About Queen Elizabeth II
Three lesser known facts about the longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo: @RoyalFamily/Twitter)

Being one of the most celebrated and powerful persons in the world, Queen Elizabeth II is subject to a lot of exposure to the media and has minimal to no privacy at all. However, it is commendable how she has managed to live really low-key and at times reclusively from the buzz of the media and photographers.

There are the occasional sneak-peeks into her royal life, but these moments are those that are required of her and have official photos taken alongside public relations officers who triple-check any stories the press might think to run about her.

Here are some lesser-known facts and secrets about the time-old Queen that might shock you:

1.      The Queen's closet is absolutely empty. Her Majesty's clothes do not hang in her own closet; in fact nothing is in there. All the Queen's clothes are stored in a room on the top floor of the palace. And each morning, sketches are brought down to her by her dressers.

These sketches have pieces of the clothing's fabric attached to them so that choosing her outfit of the day can be an easier task for her. The dresses are then brought down to her chambers for her to further narrow down those into the one dress she will wear for that day.

2.      Queen Elizabeth overcompensates for her absence as a mother. It may not be common knowledge, but the Queen was not exactly a hands-on mother who shared her warmth with her children.

In fact, in Prince Charles' biography, he was said to have yearned for his mother's attention when he was younger. He also expressed how sad he was over the fact his nannies were practically the one who raised him.

It was also well noted by the public how the Queen had disapproved of how the late Princess Diana handled her pair of children. The monarch slammed Diana for apparently coddling the young princes too much.

However, the Queen compensates for her lack in that field by spoiling her children with luxurious things and riches. This was clear when Prince Andrew had an expensive house built in Ascot, the matriarch did not even lift a finger to oppose him and even supported his wishes.

3. The Queen's secret about Prince Philip: Queen Elizabeth had been head over heels in love with Prince Philip ever since, and their marriage was one of the few royal unions that were not arranged ones back in the day. However, the shocker is that the prince is actually her cousin and from her own bloodline.