Kylie Jenner Gets Criticized By Jeffree Star On Social Media
Kylie Jenner has a consistent critic especially on her skincare products and it is no other than beauty mogul Jeffree Star (Photo: jeffreestar,kyliejenner/Instagram)

Kylie Jenner's popularity is not appreciated by all of her fans and followers and most especially those who consistently criticize her and her products. One specific person would be the beauty mogul and YouTuber Jeffree Star as he quickly commented on TrendMood's latest blog last Friday.

TrendMood's latest blog usually consists of the newest makeup to hit the market, and because Kylie Jenner's Kylie Skin is set to release three new products, marketing has set in to introduce them. However, Jeffree Star wrote on the blog's section "Hahahahhahahah," as if making fun of Jenner's products and success.

Just then, a second commenter directed his thoughts on Star and said, "Mhh. Wasn't you tired of drama? Are you the same who said you would not involve in any scandal coming? You can't keep with your own words... Be consistent and practice what you speak." The netizen can't afford to see more negativity in regards to Jenner's or to what Jeffree Star usually post or comment.

When the feud between James Charles' with Tati Westbrook and Star was made into the public, the beauty mogul wanted to stay away from "the drama" and "the tea" as per his uploaded video. The netizen quickly remembered that previous scenario and completely disagrees with what Star has been acting lately.

But Jeffree Star clarified that he would rather not review Kylie Jenner's products because netizens would always connect this to a past feud or hostility between them. Still, together with Shane Dawson, the pair uploaded a YouTube video using three products of Kylie Skin, the foaming face wash, makeup remover wipes, and eye cream.

Shane Dawson gave out his comment and said that the product feels "basic" but looks "totally fine" and added that "there is nothing wrong" in terms of its usage. While Jeffree Star copied Dawson's "basic" and added that "he doesn't feel like himself," the YouTuber recently replied to a netizen that buying Kylie Jenner's products were "a joke" and a "money-grab."

Kylie Jenner does have a share of loyal fans as they commented on Star's criticisms that he is not a true beauty guru since he did not use the product consistently to achieve the right results. One fan asked Star how old he is and why does he always go after the young celebrities like Jenner, while the one fan added to leave Jenner's customers alone.

Despite the ongoing criticism of her products, Kylie Jenner never answered any of them and have since they continued in making more products and more money. Meanwhile, representatives for Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson did not give further comments about the said issue.