Princess Diana Left A Will For Prince William And Prince Harry

Princess Diana Left A Will For Prince William And Prince Harry
Princess Diana (Photo: Nick Parfjonov/WikiMedia Commons/Public Domain)

Diana, Princess of Wales, had a very short life to live; however, it was a life full of all sorts from happy to sad and a life extended to the poor. That is why she was tagged as "People's Princess," someone who was equally loved by the people and his two sons.

The untimely death of Princess Diana has shattered her sons, but still, she managed to secure a good fortune for them, their future wives, and her future grandchildren. Despite being in a noble family, the Spencers, Lady Diana has been known to work on her own and was the only royal who had a paying income before her marriage to Prince Charles.

That is why when her divorce was finalized in 1996 and got a considerable amount of $25 million for her divorce settlement, she readily prepared a trust fund for her two sons. That made her net worth at that time of her death to about £21 million, the equivalent of $31.5 million in modern time computation.

The £17 million divorce settlement and other assets include stocks and other investments, jewelry, dresses, and some personal belongings. According to a news source, Princess Diana made a will that comprises $30 million, the amount she had left after her death.

It would have been more given a longer time to live than only having one year three months after being divorced from Prince Charles. Diana, Princess of Wales, would have been worth more if she had been given a chance to embark on an acting career as previously revealed by Kevin Costner.

During the last fruitful days of her life, she has been with film producer Dodi Al Fayed, and because of her popularity and charm to the public, Princess Diana almost landed an acting career with the help of Sarah Ferguson. Since "Fergie" was already freely living in America and writing some books, she was able to help set up a meeting with Costner, and the film would have been a sequel to Costner's hit film, The Bodyguard.

Despite not being able to do that, Princess Diana was able to prepare the future of her sons and reports says that Prince William received £10 million, or estimated at $12.75 million when he turned 30 in 2012. Although on Princess Diana's Letter of Wishes, the supposed fund was to be received on her sons 25th birthday, however, the executors of her will did certain changes.

A certain 75% of her jewelry and possessions was to be given to Prince William and Prince Harry, and the remaining 25% will be equally shared to her godchildren. However, it included the changes made affected Princess Diana's 17 godchildren. The executors amended the will to give each godchild just one item from the estate effectively stripping off all intended recipients of a share worth approximately $160,000 without notifying the parents of any of the godchildren.

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