Here's what to expect in "Yellowstone" season 2 episode 4, titled "Only Devils Left." (Photo: YellowstoneParamount/Facebook)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Yellowstone season 2 episode 4. Read at your risk.

Yellowstone season 2 episode 4 is arriving next week and viewers, so here's what to expect in the upcoming episode, titled "Only Devils Left."

In the synopsis of Yellowstone season 2 episode 4, the enemies of John Dutton strike a direct hit, and he forms an unlikely alliance. Kayce Dutton, on the other hand, has started his first day being a livestock officer.

The story of Kayce this season has been a fascinating one so far, as he's someone who's trying to find his place on the ranch and also struggling to find a huge part of his identity. He's been through a lot, and things could get worse at some point.

He needs to choose whether to fight to be the center of everything or try to go and win back his son and Monica. Kayce wants to be with his family, yet he's bound by his father's obsession with legacy. Monica made it clear several times before that she doesn't want their son anywhere near John. Thus, Kayce needs to choose between his own family and father.

Meanwhile, Jamie Dutton decided to drop out of the race for Attorney General. So, the shift could go elsewhere now - particularly John and the current state of the ranch. He is successful, but how far can he go? It is possible that more and more people are coming at the ranch to take a larger piece of the pie.

John needs to contend with that, and even though Beth Dutton is working on is, she's just an only person. There's only much that she can do to prevent such things from happening.

And as for Jamie, what will happen to him next? He chose not to be involved in the campaign for Attorney General, so his decision might bring him a little closer to some of his family members - but he needs to find his place again. He needs to figure out what he wanted to be since he's not going to stay in his father's shadow forever.

Meanwhile, Yellowstone season 3 reportedly started filming, and it was said that Lost alum Josh Holloway is one of the new faces on the upcoming installment. Also, previous reports revealed that Denim Richards was promoted as a series regular in the third season, wherein he plays the role of cowboy wrangler Colby.

Yellowstone season 2 episode 4 will air on Wednesday, July 17, on Paramount Network.