Blood & Treasure
CBS has renewed "Blood & Treasure" for a new season after performing well on numbers and ratings. (Photo: Blood & Treasure/Facebook)

CBS' new action-adventure drama series, Blood & Treasure, is now commissioned for a new season. And with its unique and compelling dynamic, it is not surprising at all as to why CBS ordered a new season.

Apparently, the pilot run has just started this summer. And it immediately picked up its fans and viewers causing for the ratings and numbers to increase dramatically. In fact, the average number of viewers is rated at almost 6 million per episode. This is why it has become the "number one new summer scripted series" as per Deadline.

Aside from its impressive viewership ratings ever since its pilot episode, there is also an apparent increase in audience for CBS' Tuesday slot. And the network is taking Blood & Treasure as a huge factor to this positive response.

As it happens, the show centers on an "antiquities expert" who is also an art thief. He is set to team up with the authorities to catch a terrorist who largely funds all of his activities through a series of stolen treasures and arts.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the CBS Executive Vice-President for Current Programs, Amy Reisenbach, perceives the series as a "fun" adventure that comes with "comedic" elements. And with this kind of premise, Blood & Treasure has become a really "wonderful" addition to the network's summer slot.

She also revealed in a statement that they are already aware of the story pitch for the second season. And based on what they have gathered, they are quite excited to see the "all-new" exploits which will occur in different parts of the globe like Russia and Southeast Asia.

But while there is already a prepared story pitch for Blood & Treasure Season 2, there are no revealed details yet as to how the plot and course will go. Even so, it is worth noting that the pilot season is still ongoing.

Accordingly, the details of the new season will certainly be much clearer once the pilot run concludes possibly in August. Along with the details of the plot, the series cast members will surely be also uncovered during this period.

So while it may take time to obtain new updates for the newly commissioned season, the fans may still enjoy the pilot run as it still has a few more episode left.

As of the time being, Blood & Treasure Season 1 is now headed to its ninth episode titled, The Wages of Vengeance. It is set to arrive on July 16, on CBS.