Manifest season 2
Josh Dallas shares behind the scene photo with co-star Melissa Roxburgh while filming "Manifest" season 2. (Photo: joshdallas/Twitter)

Manifest season 2 will not be airing on NBC until 2020, but the good news is, lead star Josh Dallas has been sharing some updates about the upcoming installment.

In his Twitter post, Dallas shared a photo of him and his co-star Melissa Roxburgh on set. As shown in the photo, the two are working together to bring their characters - Ben and Michaela - back to life. Just recently, the cast reunites for the first table read, and all of them will spend a considerable amount of time for the next few months.

The characters of Dallas and Roxburgh have been through ever since they went to that flight, in which they've lost five years of their life. Ben and Michaela struggled to fight for their love and family, and a lot more chaos is likely waiting for them in Manifest season 2. Also, they found out they have some sort of "expiration date," and they only have five years to live if it's true.

While the behind the scene photo shared by Dallas does not offer much information on what to expect on Manifest season 2, it's already enough to make fans excited. There is a gunshot in the final episode of the first season, but that doesn't necessarily mean someone has died.

Some viewers are wondering who was shot; is it Michaela, Zeke, or Jarred? But then, there's also a chance no one was shot, and that was just a cliffhanger so that viewers will watch the second season to find out what happens next. The three might end up surviving; however, things could get more complicated and twisted for them.

The core emotion of Manifest is about relationships. For instance, Ben will do everything just to protect his family, while Michaela has a complicated relationship with Jarred, and she's still trying to rebuild herself since that flight. The NBC series is not just about mysteries; it's also about family and fighting for what you want and love.

In another related report, former Once Upon a Time star Ginnifer Goodwin - who's married to Dallas - revealed she's open to appearing on the second season. She said all they have to do is to ask, as she's willing to join the NBC series. However, that still depends on the network, and the actress also has other gigs, so her role might be a recurring one, if ever.

For now, many are hoping that cast and crew members will bring more updates on what to anticipate while waiting for Manifest season 2.