The '2019 Miss Korea' contest was held at the Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University in Hoegi-dong Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul Wednesday afternoon on July 11.

Kim Seyeon (20), a graphics designer from the U.S National University of Arts and Design who's made various appearances in the competition was crowned the winner. "I'm so grateful to those who supported me and loved me so far. I'll be a beautiful Miss Korea," she said in tears of joy.

But her win was not without controversy. Kim Se Yeon was revealed to be the daughter of East Light's former CEO Kim Chang Wan. Kim Chang Wan was recently sentenced to 8 months in prison suspended for 2 years of probation for aiding and abetting child abuse of the East Light members but he filed to appeal his sentence on July 11th.

Following are comments from Korean netizens:

" Hul~I didn't even know they were picking Miss Korea but any woman would've been better than her..."

"Shouldn't Miss Korea be a real Korean?"

"She's so pretty~"

"Were they trying to just pick whoever's surgery looked more natural?"

"This is too much...shouldn't Miss Korea be a natural born Korean?"

"People with a history of plastic surgery shouldn't be qualified to participate. Is this a plastic surgery competition? What kind of Miss Korea pageant is this?"

This article is republished from Daily Naver