Netizens are not happy that Suzy will be appearing in PSY's new music video.

Suzy will be making an appearance in PSY's new music video 'Celeb' set to be released sometime this month. According to reports, filming for the music video took place in the middle of last month.

Other girl group members like Gain and Hyuna have previously appeared in PSY's music video and the reason why Suzy is reportedly featuring is because PSY performed at her fan meeting last year.

Netizens are criticizing Suzy for choosing to appear in PSY's music video due to prior reports about PSY's involvement in Yang Hyun Suk's alleged prostitution scandal through his friend and Malaysian billionaire investor Jho Low.

Unhappy with the announcement, netizens left comments in online communities about the news saying, "Why? This doesn't seem right? Why would she collab with a guy involved in YG's drug and prostitution scandal? She should've just stayed with JYP, it doesn't seem like she's gained her own footing yet. I know the promise was made then but the timing is just so..."

Other netizens criticized PSY for choosing to release his album amid YG's prostitution controversies saying, "Is he crazy? Why would he choose to release the album right now?

This article is republished from blog Daily Naver.