Siren Season 2
“Siren” Season 2 is about to end. (Photo: Siren/Facebook)

Read at your own risk: This article contains spoilers for Siren Season 2.

With only one episode left before its imminent end, Siren Season 2 releases a few hints and clues about its finale. And although the fans are speculating already a few things about the possible ending, one of the series lead actors shared some ideas.

In an interview with Meaww, the actor Hannah Levien revealed that the conclusion of the second season will offer several twists and turns, especially to her character, Janine.

It has become quite notable recently as Janine’s storyline has evolved tremendously. But while these improvements on her arc are great points that many fans have noticed, it is the upcoming “twist” in her storyline that must be well-regarded as per the actor.

She also asked the fans to wait for this huge twist that will happen on the last few moments of Siren Season 2. But even so, it is also worth remembering that things are becoming more interesting for the whole town of Bristol Cave. Hence, the possible twists that would happen with Janine are perceived to have impacts toward the town.

According to Cartermatt, the penultimate episode titled, The Last Mermaid, will continue the events that occurred during the previous installment. So, this will surely focus on the apparent mating season for the mermaids. But following the disaster at sea, Ryn is now considering to find a new mate on land.

Quite obviously, the plan is pretty simple. In fact, her friends are willing to help her out with this kind of action. However, there are still a few “limits” to her plans, especially when regarding Ben and Maddie’s emotions.

This is why a lot of fans are theorizing that Ben might get jealous with Ryn’s decision. And that jealousy would lead to a possible rage that can entirely disrupt the whole plan. Also, there are few individuals who assume that Ben’s current state of mind would result in some unpleasant situations that will naturally affect the town.

But while these things may seem too viable, many viewers have remained hopeful for a much more pleasant episode, especially that Siren Season 2 is now approaching its end. Besides, these notions are just speculations made by the fandom. So, things may still approach differently.

Siren Season 2 Episode 14 titled, The Last Mermaid, is set to air on July 18. And for the finale, it will premiere on July 25. As for the third season, it has been revealed that Freeform has already renewed the show for a new season.