Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift continues to fight for the masters of her six albums. (Photo: Taylor Swift/Facebook)

It has been a week since Taylor Swift’s published blog post circulated all over the media. The controversial post that largely talks about her current dispute with Scooter Braun has created a huge commotion in the music industry. And because of it, many artists have come forward to share the truth behind the ugly truths of various record labels.

For many young fans, learning about the disputes between Taylor and Scooter plus Scott Borchetta is quite a new and surprising issue. But unfortunately, the problems that many artists experience with their respective record labels have been present for who knows when.

The first time that this kind of issue has emerged to the public was with Prince. His disputes with Warner Bros. became quite controversial in between 1990 and 1995 as it “centered” largely around Prince’s ownership of his original master tapes.

A few years after, the battle between Metallica and Napster developed which apparently changed the music industry as per Financial Times. This is because Metallica sued the platform for copyright infringement.

The same thing also happened to Courtney Love and Pink Floyd as their respective disputes with Vivendi Universal Music Group and EMI have reached the court. But in the end, all parties got a hold of settlement agreements.

Paul McCartney from The Beatles also had his fair share of disputes with Sony/ATV Music back in 2017. But just like the previous artists, he came into terms with the label over a part of his band’s catalog that was purchased by Sony/ATV Music from Michael Jackson.

And currently, Taylor Swift has officially joined the line-up of the historical artists who had disputes with record labels over the masters and rights of albums and singles.

The ME! artist’s main concern is that she was not given the opportunity to purchase back the masters of her first six albums. But as what the fans and critics have noticed, Taylor’s main issue is not the notion that she could not purchase them back. Rather, it is due to the fact that they now belong to Scooter Braun who she accuses of “bullying.”

It is worth noting that Scooter Braun handles Justin Bieber and Taylor’s previous nemesis, Kanye West. And a lot of people perceive this aspect as the main factor why Taylor Swift is very angry with the situation.

But whatever the case, it is still worth remembering that this kind of issue has been a major problem in the music industry for years now. And it would be definitely disappointing for any artist to experience the loss of their rights and masters to their own works. Hence, it is expected that this fight between the Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun will continue until she gets a hold of the masters.