Love School Season 4
"With Anusha and Karan Kundrra, love never goes out of style." (Photo: MTV India/Facebook)

Read at your own risk: This article contains spoilers for Love School Season 4.

In last week’s episode of Love School Season 4, things have become complicated between all the participants. Heated talks and arguments were presented and even a physical confrontation happened. As a result, these fights ended with reality television series “Love Professor,” Karan Kundra, deciding to ultimately expel Rishabh from the school.

Along with Rishabh, Gunjan also went home as she was eliminated from the competition. After the elimination period, this left the current installment with the ultimate top five couples of Love School Season 4. These are Gizelle and Ramiz, Sunny and Manpreet, Sagar and Africa, Ali and Ashima, and Dev and Poojan.

From the five couples remaining, only three pairs have entered the competition as a couple. As for the two couples, Sagar-Africa and Ali-Ashima, they entered the season as singles. Even so, these two new couples have become real contenders of the season.

But will they succeed and win the upcoming challenges of Love School Season 4?

This is actually the question that many fans and viewers are asking now as the upcoming challenges are now revealed. And as it happens, they are all surprisingly bigger and bolder.

According to The News Recorder, the next episode of the popular reality-competition television series will feature a huge challenge that will require all the couples to share their love for their partners. In it, the challenge will feature three tasks that must be accomplished by each individual.

The first task will require the contestants to upload and post a photo with their respective partners. In the photo’s caption, the contestants must introduce their partners and describe them.

The second task is much more challenging as they will need to call their parents back at home and they would need to describe their partners. They will need to talk about them with their parents and guardians. And as for the third and final task, which is the most surprising and challenging of all, the contestants will need to have their partners’ names permanently tattooed.

Based on the official teaser that has been released recently, the third task shocked everyone on Love School Season 4. And as it shows, Ali and Ramiz reacted differently and it seemingly appears that they are not really up for the task to have Ashima and Gizelle’s names tattooed on their bodies. Therefore, things will surely be so much more intense and interesting for all couples.

Love School Season 4 Episode 21 is set to air on July 13, on MTV India.