'GTA 6' Release Date News: Analyst Predicts The Game's Release Window

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer
Fans are getting impatient, but the excitement for GTA 6 is too strong to stay grumpy. (Photo: Rockstar Games/YouTube)

"GTA 6" might come much sooner than many expected according to an analyst. "Grand Theft Auto 5" is making more money than any product ever released in the entertainment industry, so, many fans are assuming that Take-Two Interactive will release a sequel. But, developing a game with the quality and level of a "Grand Theft Auto" takes time and fans are expecting not to see the much-awaited title in the next five or six years.

The same prediction is shared by Alex Gaiamo an analyst at Jeffries. There are several factors to be considered when it comes to predicting the release window of "GTA 6." First, is the amount of time it will take for its game developer, Rockstar Games to complete the title. Another factor is the anticipation of the imminent transition of video games console to next-generation consoles.

Alex Gaiamo reportedly told investors to stay still when it comes to buying stocks of Take Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games. The analyst does not believe that the stocks of Take Two Interactive will rise anytime soon, considering that "GTA 6" is too far from its potential release. According to Gaiamo, fans might probably see the much-awaited game sometime in 2022.

The next generation consoles, Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5, are anticipated to launch in 2020. It would be very surprising if Rockstar Games releases "GTA 6" earlier than the consoles' release. But, there are several leaks earlier claiming more optimistic release windows for the much-awaited game.

For instance, one leak stated several months ago that "GTA 6" would be in the early part of 2020 and that the much-awaited title will be the launch title for the PlayStation 5. We could not discount the possibility of the game releasing next year. However, more credible sources have earlier predicted that the next game that Rockstar will release if "Bully 2" and not "GTA 6."

Therefore, if Rockstar is rumored to release a game in 2020, it will most likely be "Bully 2" and not "GTA 6." Another gaming site predicted that the highly anticipated game might be released in the later part of 2023, which would place it ten years apart from its predecessor, the "Grand Theft Auto 5." It has become noticeable that Rockstar Games and other major game developers have the habit of releasing games ten years apart from each other.

Bethesda already indicated that it could release the much-awaited "The Elder Scrolls 6" almost ten years from the release of "Skyrim." The "Red Dead Redemption 2" was released almost ten years after the release of its predecessor. "GTA 6" is anticipated to release in the next generation gaming consoles, but up to this writing, it was not yet revealed which console it will release.

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