Although storms and strong winds often hit the place, Batanes holds an exquisite beauty.
Although storms and strong winds often hit the place, Batanes holds an exquisite beauty. (Photo: tharty/Flickr)

Batanes may be the most remote province in the Philippines, but it is one of the most beautiful places in the country that you can visit. Although storms and strong winds often hit the place, it still holds an exquisite beauty; thus it is likened to New Zealand and even called as the "Shire in the Philippines," which is a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth stories.

With its rolling hills and beautiful landscapes and seascapes, add to that its fresh local food, honesty shops, and good Ivatan people, there are a lot of things that will entice you to visit this site. So, here are the top five reasons that will remove your fear of typhoons and decide to visit Batanes and see its glorious splendor.

Explore The Island Of Batan

When you arrived in Batanes, you should start exploring the island of Batan. Here, you can see a lot of stone houses made of limestone and coral. As storms often hit the town, stone houses are made to withstand heavy typhoons and strong winds.

You can find the famous Basco Lighthouse in Batan. You can climb here to get a good view of the coastal riffs and green scenery of Batanes itself.

Discover The Isle Of Sabtang

Sabtang is the west island of Batan. There is a dock about 19 kilometers south of Basco where you can ride ferries going to Sabtang. According to Indie Traveller, the ticket for a 45-minute boat ride only costs P100, but you have to register and pay additional P200 for tourist fee when you arrive at the tourist board.

Sabtang is the home of the best preserved traditional stone houses in the whole Batanes. It is also the place where you can see the island's famous cliffs, picturesque roads, and a few Instagram-perfect beaches. You can find Morong Beach that has a natural arch, and a beach near Chavayan, where you can see enjoy its clear waters and have a picture-perfect post on its offshore rock formations.

See The Last Inhabited Frontier Of Itbayat

Itbayat is the northernmost municipality in the Philippines, making it the last inhabited frontier in the country. Due to strong typhoons and volcanic eruptions that have been hitting this island, it has developed a rocky wonderland with a cave and a couple of extinct volcanoes.

You can go to Itbayat through a boat, which one-way ticket costs P450, and you need a guide, about P1,000 per group if you come here. However, you should be wary of going to this place as the weather in Batanes is extremely unpredictable, and being stranded is a common issue. But once you get here, you can see the beauty of Mount Karobohan, explore Torongan Cave, and hike Rapang Cliffs.

Take A Dip In Rakuh-A-Idi Spring

Rakuh-a-idi Spring is dubbed as the Fountain of Youth, so if you want to look young forever, you should often take a dip here. It is a natural spring pool overseeing the beach and the Mount of Iraya, per Cosmo.

You can go here by riding a tricycle or hiring a private van from Diura Village. You also have to walk for about 30 minutes to reach the place due to its trodden pathway, but you will surely get entertained when you pass through a pre-Hispanic settlement.

Roll At Vayang Rolling Hills

One of the most famous spots in Batanes is the Valayang Rolling Hills because of its majestic, breathtaking view. This place will make you feel like you're in an epic fantasy series like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.

It boasts a view of extensive grasslands set against the sea, where you can feel the brisk winds. With the calm breeze that will gently hit you, you will surely feel the different kind of experience visiting Batanes will give you.