'Pokemon GO' Latest Update Rolls Out Battle Revamps

Tsunekazu Ishihara, chief executive of the Pokemon Company, speaks at a news conference in Tokyo
Pokémon Company announced its new game, Pokémon Sleep at its press conference held in Tokyo today. The game will allow user to train pokemon while they sleep and will be accompanied by a device called Pokémon Go Plus that will measure the way you sleep and reward you base from it. (Photo: STAFF / Reuters Connect)

"Pokemon GO" has undergone a series of changes since it was released in 2016. While it is true that the popularity of the title has dropped through the years, the augmented reality title has a massive player base until now. With the latest update rolled out by Niantic Labs, trainers are pleased that the game's player vs. player battle system got a revamp.

Earlier this year, Niantic Labs introduced the player vs. player battle system in "Pokemon GO." While it definitely brought the much-needed extensive player vs. player mode to the popular augmented reality game, it caused major disappointments among players as it requires a lot of tapping. The official twitter account of the team behind the game announced recently that it had made several changes on its player vs. player battle system.

Niantic Support noted that the latest update rolled out to "Pokemon GO" reverted the Trainer Battles' switching mechanics. It also stated that the issues regarding freezing have already been resolved. In another post a few days later, Niantic Support said that a couple of features are coming to the game including an updated appraisal system to provide more details on the stats of the trainer's Pokemon. Additionally, the post noted that it would soon update the Trainer Battles' Charged Attack mechanic.

The post means that the main mechanics of the battle system in "Pokemon GO" will remain as is. However, when it comes to charge attacks, there will be more accurate swiping and less rapid tapping. As soon as the player started the charge move, the game will instruct you to swipe your finger over a series of icons falling on the screen (fruit ninja-like?).

While tapping is still needed, it will be lesser this time. The level of your attack will now be based on how accurate you swipe. The latest changes will definitely create a wide range of reactions from "Pokemon GO" trainers. But, overall, Niantic Labs has done something about the issue that many players have been complaining since the mode was introduced. Aside from the upgraded battle mechanics, the game developer also introduced an easier approach to the game's appraisal system. With the latest update, "Pokemon GO" trainers can now see the Individual values of their pocket monsters through three progress bars that turn to red when already full. Additionally, the augmented reality game will now allow players to switch between pocket monsters just by tapping.

The latest "Pokemon GO" update is already out in the US and is anticipated to be released in other regions in the coming days. The latest changes are available to iOS, and Android version of the hit augmented reality game and will roll out through OTA update.

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