Prince William, Prince Harry Have Crucial Roles To Protect The British Monarchy

The British Royal Family of Prince Charles, Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William is set to be King of England with a lot of responsibilities involved. (Photo: Reuters)

There have been so many things that have happened and has changed since Prince William and Prince Harry has grown up. From their simple young affairs until they've decided to marry that one lucky girl. There is no doubt that the public has followed them since their mother, Princess Diana has been the apple of the eye of the media when she was still alive.

While some do not know how big the responsibility was there to be a part of the British Royal Family, ordinary people still thought it to be fetched on a fairytale book, plain and simple. But what entails to every royal would mean the fate and future of the whole British Monarchy.

That is why even the choice of a royal spouse needs the approval of the Queen; this law makes the monarchy secure and stable. Now, as Queen Elizabeth would have to face the inevitable fate of death, the line of succession moves, and they have to be prepared to protect the British Monarchy.

At the start when Prince William married Kate Middleton and has then started to put their family, their children automatically in the line of succession. And despite making a bolder choice, Prince Harry fought his love for the American actress, Meghan Markle, which he now shares 2-month old baby Archie Harrison.

But before the happily ever after happens, Prince William reportedly has some doubts on who Prince Harry will marry and certainly, Meghan Markle was on the list. Because he is being prepared to be the next King of England, Prince William has been very protective of his family, and not just that, the whole monarchy.

Since he is just on his teens when his mother died, Prince William now felt that he should have protected her mother from the media frenzy, which also cost her life. Because of his mother's need to make them feel all the ordinary things in the world like fast food meals and waiting in line for that, reporters tend to have easy access, and it was something Prince William would not allow for sure.

With Prince Harry, things have been difficult as these two young men have two different purposes in life. However, there is no doubt that the two sons of Princess Diana have a special bond with each other because of the challenges they've been through. Now that they are grown men, they have been separated by different choices and personalities.

As a result, to still preserve a good camaraderie between the two princes, the split of the household has happened as Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle moved to Frogmore Castle from the Kensington Palace. The epic move reportedly would protect the British Monarchy as it prepares for Prince William's kingship.

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