Keeping Your Virginity Until Marriage Can Benefit You More Than You've Expected

Man holding baby's-breath about to surprise a woman.
Man holding baby's-breath about to surprise a woman. (Photo: vjapratama/ Pexels)

A century ago, back in the time where people were a lot more conservative than in the society we have at present, couples were less likely to be active in engaging in sexual matters before marriage, according to Psychology Today. Some of the reasons why during that time premarital sex was considered taboo include belief, faith, discrimination of the society, and the expectations of people.

But nowadays, almost everything has changed, even the people's perspective towards sex. Because of peer pressure, pressure from their boyfriends or girlfriends, biological urges, curiosity, and media, our worldview towards premarital sex has dramatically changed over time.

Premarital sex is now common among individuals, especially those that are from developed countries. But despite that, there are still several reasons aside from the Biblical perspective, why you may want to save your virginity until marriage, as posted by Author's Choice.


Scientifically, when a person is making love with their partner, their body creates an organic chemical called dopamine. This is the same chemical the body releases in response to drugs, which can be addictive.

Given this reason, it is indeed better for young people not to engage with sexual activities, especially that they're physically, psychologically, and emotionally isn't matured yet. The addiction can get too strong that it could be impossible for them to control their urges. Suffering from this great urge, academic performance, and relationships could decline dramatically.


Engaging in premarital sex can open the doors that could lead to several sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, HPV, syphilis, and trichomoniasis. These illnesses are often caused by yeast, viruses, bacteria, and parasites living within or outside the female and male genitals.


Children are gifts. But often, because the timing is not right, some people consider their unborn kids as a mistake. With this mindset, unprepared parents are often left with no choice but to choose over their life or the life of their baby. Situations such as this either ends up in abortion, adoption, or ruined future for the parents.

In a world where sex is very common, it is really difficult to stand to what you think is right. But in the end, those who stand firm will surely reap what they've sowed in the end. 

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