Tourists in China
Tourists pose with props for pictures at a photo booth near Erhai Lake in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province, China June 15, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Tingshu Wang)

China is determined to improve its policies for some foreign applicants who want to work or study in the country. Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced 12 new policies that all seek to provide a more convenient process for foreign applicants.

According to Xinhua, foreigners considered to be "high-level talents" will be given more ease in their permanent residence applications. These people include those who hold doctorate degrees and those who have, in significant ways, helped bring honor to the country, the MPS said on Wednesday.

Instead of one applicant completing his application first, the working or studying applicant can simultaneously include his family members in the application if he has plans to bring his loved ones with him to China.

Beijing believes that easing up on foreign entry and exit to the country will improve China's overall business environment. This is especially true with highly-skilled and talented applicants who can contribute further to the economy.

Policy support will be provided to foreigners who graduated in some of the country's most renowned universities. The same is true for foreigners who graduated from top universities abroad.

As for those who received invitations to either study, work, or complete an internship in China, they will also be provided with more convenient application processes whether they apply for temporary visas or permanent residence.

Deputy Director of the Foreigner Management Division under the National Immigration Administration (NIA), Jia Tonghin, said the goal of the new measures is to promote China as a suitable location for foreign talents who want to explore opportunities for them in the country.

It is expected that more foreign applications will be submitted in the coming months. To manage the influx of applicants, Beijing is looking into the possibility of establishing immigration affairs centers where foreigners can ask for assistance.

The centers, if established in the long run, are expected to improve daily life for foreign workers and students who want to be part of China's booming economy.

China is also seeking to improve diplomatic ties with other countries. Xi met with Chinese envoys to foreign countries as they attended a work conference in Beijing on Wednesday. The envoys were encouraged to work towards achieving their purposes of being sent to represent their country in foreign lands.

Xi congratulated and extended his greetings to the envoys. He also praised them for their diplomatic work for China. Experts believe the conference is a way to let the envoys know that their hard work is appreciated and honored by Beijing.