EA Announced 'Plants vs. Zombies 3' Early Version Now Playable

The game is never the same experience twice. Experience the action hit that’s won more than 30 Game of the Year awards.
EA announced recently that “Plants vs. Zombies 3” is in the works but fans can now start playing the upcoming title. (Photo: EA.com)

It has been a while since we heard anything from Electronics Arts concerning the popular game "Plants vs Zombies." However, the game developer announced today that "Plants vs. Zombies 3" is currently in development. This is the third iteration to the popular and entertaining zombie game and the good news is, fans can actually get their hands on the upcoming game.

Although "Plants vs. Zombies 3" is not officially launching today, Electronics Arts and Pop Cap released the playable version of the game. currently, the game is available in its pre-alpha phase that fans can start downloading through Google Play. At this stage, only a limited number of players can download and play the game, that is why Pop Cap suggests to check back as frequently as you can to check if it will be available for you.

The pre-alpha version of "Plants vs. Zombies 3" is available to Android users. But, it is important to note that this version of the game might contain several bugs. This, too, is one of the reasons why Pop Cap released the game's pre-alpha as it wants the gaming community to help them identify the issues as well as to enhance the overall gaming experience of the upcoming title.

"Plants vs. Zombies 3" pre-alpha version mainly focuses on the combat features with the game developer assuring the fans that more of the combat battles will be included with the game's official release. According to Pop Cap as soon as it has ironed out several issues and features of the game, it will talk about the game's release window but at the moment, it could not yet give any release date.

The upcoming game "Plants vs. Zombies 3" will most likely be released on iOS platforms but unfortunately, nothing is revealed yet about this. The third iteration of the popular zombie game will still be free to play title just like its predecessor. In the game's FAQ, EA says that fans do not have to worry about microtransactions during the pre-alpha phase.

This indirectly suggests that once "Plants vs. Zombies 3" goes live there will be microtransactions. If you check the screenshots provided on the game's Google Play page, different currencies can be found on top of the play screen, which, obviously notes microtransactions.

Let us just hope that "Plants vs. Zombies 3" will not be filled with microtransactions considering that the pre-alpha phase is offered free to play.

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