Girlfriend For Hire: A Trending Business In Japan

Man and woman sitting on a bench enjoying a fantastic view.
Man and woman sitting on a bench enjoying a fantastic view. (Photo: Andre Furtado/ Pexels)

Japan is considered the 30th highest suicide death rate in the world. Experts say the main reason behind this is the increasing number of people suffering from depression due to several factors. These include extreme stress, work expectations, insufficient salary, and lesser time to enjoy life, as reported by HuffPost.

Given this issue, some businessmen came up with an idea to offer services that could ease the loneliness of these people. One of these businesses includes boyfriend and girlfriend for rent, which is said to be best for people looking for simulated romance or for those who just want someone to spend time with.

Max Capo, a YouTube blogger, tried to avail the service of a girlfriend for rent and featured it on his vlog to show his viewers how their service works. Posted on the YouTube page called Asian Boss, Capo rented a girl named Shihomi and spent two hours with her to enjoy his lunch and coffee.

Choosing a girlfriend for rent isn't that hard, but it is quite costly. Just by using an app, the client can already choose the best actress that could fit their standards. With an hourly rate of $55 to $110 depending on the girl one will choose, they can already enjoy their day with the actress.

Though holding the other one's hand is allowed, "It's not like the red-light district," so there are still things or services that are forbidden by the company, explains Shihomi. Some of those are contacting, dating, and talking with the girlfriend privately or directly.

When asked why she thinks their service will flourish, Shihomi explained their service is not just easy to avail, but it also gives an opportunity to people, especially to men who have no time to date, to experience the happiness of dating someone. Furthermore, she believes their service can also help people overcome their shyness when it comes to the opposite sex.

Though risky, Shihomi explained she still feel completely safe when doing her job as a girlfriend for rent. According to her, most of her clients are timid and introvert and only wants someone to hang out with. Often she is just invited for a meal or over a cup of coffee for a conversation.

Besides from girlfriends for hire, there are still other "trending" businesses Japan has to offer. There are also wife or husband, relative, co-worker or acquaintance, or even families all available for rent. All these services aim to at least uplift the lives of depressed people in Japan.

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