Jeremy Lin continues to wait on whether there is still an NBA team that would take him in as the available talent this summer continues to dwindle. So far, it has all been rumors and speculations for the 30-year-old guard who recently became the first American-Asian to win an NBA title.

In a previous post, it was mentioned how seeing Lin rejoining the Charlotte Hornets made sense. Linsanity last played for the Hornets during the 2015-16 NBA season, a year after his forgettable stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

It was a critical year for JLin7 as he continued to struggle to find a home in the NBA. Somehow, he did shine in Charlotte although a potential return is no guarantee he will have the same success. During his time, it was Steve Clifford calling the shots. Now it is Steve Borrego although his brand of basketball seems to be tailor-made for Lin.

The good news for Lin is that he just has to hang tight and wait for a call. Whether it be the Hornets or some other team, he has already proven that he can be an asset either as a starter or someone coming off the bench. But what if he does not get the call?

A logical alternative for Lin is to check out overseas leagues. And seeing how he is loved over in China, a stint in the Chinese Basketball Association would make sense, the South China Morning Post said. Several NBA stars have gone that route so Lin should have no trouble doing the same.

Several teams, including his last one - the Dongguan Leopards - are bound to want to have him on their roster. The question on how long that would be is up in the air since Lin, like any NBA player, could be using this as a way to keep themselves in shape in case a call up happens soon.

There is no question that Lin's value has increased since he is now officially an NBA champion. But seeing how he was barely used by the Toronto Raptors in the playoffs, some teams may continue to offer him not-so-high compensation. Seeing how he was able to survive the past years and proving he has the skills on the hardwood, Lin is unlikely to complain. All he wants is to play pro ball in the NBA for as long as his body can, and an NBA team sees him as an asset.