Angelina Jolie And Bodyguard’s Girlfriend Have Allegedly Had A 'Showdown'
Angelina Jolie on the set of "Changeling". Wikimedia Commons CC by 2.0 (Photo: Wikimedia Commons CC by 2.0/Monique Autrey )

Angelina Jolie does not have a thing for her bodyguard nor did she have a tense showdown with his girlfriend, despite reports and rumors of her doing so.

The recent false reports also claimed that the actress had a very antsy confrontation with her bodyguard's girlfriend while on the set of her new and upcoming film Those Who Wish Me Dead in Mexico, earlier this week.

A questionable source recently claimed that the 44-year-old actress has developed a really close and intimate relationship with her bodyguard.

The tipster also claimed that the two have formed an unmatched bond from spending a lot of time together and constantly being in each other's company during trips all over the world. The source went onto add that, ever since Jolie had divorced Brad Pitt, the two have become closer than ever.

The alleged intimacy between Jolie and her bodyguard sparked a very tense showdown between the actress and her bodyguard's girlfriend, who was said to be visiting her boyfriend on the set to check out if the rumors about her man and his boss had any truth to it.

When she was there, she took the constant flirtatious banter and laughter between the two as confirmation of the rumor. The uncomfortable situation supposedly contributed to the tension within the imaginary love triangle, peaking every time all three were in the same room.

The anonymous insider maintains that, for the whole two days, the bodyguard's girlfriend was pointlessly hanging around the set. She was said to have put a lot of effort into following Jolie and her bodyguard-boyfriend around and made it a point to be wherever the two were, just to keep two eyes on them and watch them like a hawk.

The phony source went on to say that everybody on set could see this happening, and it was apparently indisputable that, whenever her bodyguard was around, Jolie would supposedly "melt" and smile or laugh a lot more and just generally be more noticeably lively and upbeat with him in the room.

She also allegedly had the tendency to gush all over him and look or speak of him as if he was her entire world. The tipster asserts that, ever since the Maleficent actress' split up with Pitt, her bodyguard has been her rock and comfort, and her faithful confidant.

However, when the bodyguard's girlfriend apparently stopped by the set and was purposely showing off her man in front of Jolie, the actress supposedly locked herself in her trailer and cried her eyes out for hours.

All these allegations are fabricated, and do not have a single bit of evidence to back them up. On the contrary, Jolie is not open to dating at the moment and is more fixated on her career and her six children.

Reporters have also reached out to Jolie's team in order to squeeze a comment out of them, but none were willing to breathe a word about it. But an insider who refused to be named confirmed that all these were lies.