Samsung Galaxy Fold Ready For Release; Arriving In September At The Same $1,980 Price

Galaxy Fold Ready for Launch starting from September
after a failed launched earlier this year, Samsung announced today that its revolutionary next-generation smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready and will be available starting September. (Photo: Samsung Newsroom)

Samsung announces today that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally coming this year specifically in September. The South Korean tech and electronics giant shared that it has made several improvements on its first-ever revolutionary and next generation smartphone. The announcement came following several months of stalling and silence about the launching of the phone.

Today, the South Korean tech titan announces that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available for purchase starting September. The company also confirmed that the device will still retail at the same price, which is, $1980. If you would like to know what the company has done to the upcoming revolutionary smartphone, the details are revealed in its latest press release.

The statement states that the Samsung Galaxy Fold features extra reinforcements to further protect the smartphone from outside particles while keeping its patented foldable experience. The top part, as well as the bottom part, of the hinge, is both reinforced with the newly integrated protection caps. Extra metal layers under the Infinity Flex Display were also installed to further provide reinforcement on the display.

Noticeably, the space from the body and the hinge of the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been reduced. Possibly, the most important improvement that the South Korean tech giant has done was extending the protective layer of Samsung Galaxy Fold. Some previous reviewers thought that it was the screen protector and tried to remove it, which resulted in a damaged display.

With the newly improved Samsung Galaxy Fold, you will notice the additional piece within the hinge. This was possibly intended to prevent the debris from getting under the screen and wedging. The back hinge of the device got subtle improvements, or if there are some, it is not very visible on the press image released by the company.

It can be recalled that the first Samsung Galaxy Fold almost made it release. However, several review units began developing serious issues instantly especially with the hardware of the device. Several reviewers peeled off the protective film that was intended to be permanent which destroyed the panel. Several others experienced broken screens because of the debris getting under the hinge.

The initial launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was short of catastrophic. But, the South Korean tech and electronics giant tried to find a way on how to improve the revolutionary smartphone. We are hoping that this time and with the ample amount of design improvements, testing, evaluation, and retesting, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready for its official release.

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