‘Storm Area 51’ From the Comfort of Your Home

‘Storm Area 51’ From the Comfort of Your Home
‘Storm Area 51’ From the Comfort of Your Home (Photo: Wendelin Jacober)

The much-awaited raid on the famous Area 51 is still a few weeks away. But while many people are raving about it online, most of us are far from the location and would not be able to travel to Nevada. Some are just brave keyboard warriors and do not even plan to be at the September 20 event. Interestingly, a new game titled "Storm Area 51" is now available on Steam and it allows players to storm area 51 ahead of the scheduled and much-awaited event.

"Storm Area 51" is a hyper-realistic stealth game that offers sci-fi gamers what they have been dreaming of the chance to get into a military facility. The game is set at 3 AM of September 20, 2019, and you will join a million others planning to storm Area 51 to rescue aliens. This action simulator title was developed by ProjectorGamer.

Your mission in "Storm Area 51" is simple, survive the break-in, locate the helpless alien imprisoned in the area, and get them to their UFO safely. You have to make sure that these aliens get out of the facility and show the world what the US government is hiding to the public all these years. As a player, you will also discover concealed back routes and avoid the stationed guards by utilizing classic stealth mechanics.

In "Storm Area 51" you can use other runners as your shield or sacrifice them to let other players succeed. So far, the game has no multiplayer mode yet but, many players are hoping that the game developer would introduce soon. Today, a couple of patches are rolled out in the game. The patch 0.0006 added stamina to the player and allows them to recover their stamina over time.

The second patch, 0.0007 build fixed the issue where sprinting and rolling at the same time get players stuck. Guard rendering is also fixed in this update while the performance of vis culling is improved with this patch. "Storm Area 51" is currently on its Early Access. As for the platform and system requirements of the game, it is currently available for PC gamers.

To be able to play "Storm Area 51" you must have at least Windows 7 and up OS with a Dual-Core 1.6ghz CPU processor. You must have at least 4096 MB of RAM, 5xxx series AMD card or 5xx series Nvidia graphics card. Check out the embedded video, so you get to see what the game looks like

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