The rebuilding Cleveland Cavaliers seem far from done with word that more players could be traded moving forward. And while most felt that Kevin Love would be one guy to be dealt, it appears that attention has shifted on players with expiring deals. Looking at the roster, there are at least five who could be playing for another NBA team next season.

The five players are Jordan Clarkson, Matthew Dellavedova, John Henson, Brandon Knight, and Tristan Thompson, Joe Vardon of the Athletic said. Looking at the five NBA players, there is no doubt that they could be of good use to any NBA teams in need of quality players who can start or come off the bench. Of the mix, the names of Clarkson, Knight, and Thompson have been mentioned in trade rumors, but nothing has gone down.

Clarkson, a Fil-American who has risen to the occasion several times for the Cavs, is someone who could start for any team, Cavaliers Nation reported. When he was still with the Lakers, there is no question that the 27-year-old had the talent to stand among the popular NBA guards of today. Seeing how he has come into his own with the Cavs, it will be interesting if he is retained or not. But in any case, it would not be surprising to see him being taken in immediately by other teams if offered.

As for Thompson, he is entering the final year of his $82 million pact with questions in the air. While he did show promise, critics feel he could do more for him to land another max contract deal. Further, his issues outside the basketball court leave a lot to be desired, seen as one of many distractions that have affected his play. And with his current deal running out, he has plenty to prove this coming season. The only question is whether this will be in a Cavs uniform or not.

The others have also shown what they can do. Dellavedova is considered one of the toughest defenders in the league while Knight has proven before that he can be a go-to-guy when given the opportunity. Henson had his best years with the Milwaukee Bucks and has since struggled since being acquired by the Cavs.

The decision on who to trade will depend on head coach John Beilein. Cleveland could trade multiple players anytime soon where the counter-offer will be equally important.